Macaron Minimalism


Love thy neighbor…

Even when they double park. and block your driveway.

Even when they take up the dryer with they’re handwash, while your laundry takes it’s final spin in the washer.

Even when they honk for their family in the car port instead of texting (or better yet, KNOCKING!).

Even when they smoke cigarettes in the no smoking zone. Right below your open sliding glass door.

I’m doing it! I’m doing 108 Sun Salutations this year!

I’ve been telling myself for years that I’d do 108 Sun Salutations in honor of a changing season or New Year.
Although I did try, several times, I never finished.

But this time around, I’m doing it!
& I’ll be broadcasting them Live on my Yogini Ri Facebook Page!


I’ve broken up the Sun Salutations into 6 sets of 6 over the course of three days, bringing me to 36 per day, and 108 by Sunday night.
Does that makes sense?

I know this isn’t how 108 Sun Salutations are typically done, but I thought this breakdown would be a healthier, more obtainable option for me.

Interested in following along? Just check into my Facebook page at one (or more (or all!)) of the times listed above on the day(s) of your choice.

See you this weekend!



Is yoga, perhaps, the harnessing of control over the cognitive and physical abilities we each developed in childhood and adolescence?

Patanjali seems to be suggesting that most individuals reach the Formal Operational Stage, or adolescence, with all these newfound cognitive and physical abilities but few people actually know how to use any of them together effectively. These skills, when used with intention and control, are all useful. But add in a little extra noise, a few too many demands, and the abundance of material items to distract them with and we can start to see people becoming distracted, self-centered, and disengaged.

Patanjali seems to be offering a brief instruction on how to further advance a persons overall development and well-being.