Snap-happy: “My Preservation” – A Photography Project

I work in a church.

Said church is huge and beautiful, and also happens to be a major tourist attraction.

I wear a uniform on this job, as many people do. Mine just happens to make me look like a fixture in said church, resulting in many photographs (of me) stored in the phones and computers of countless tourists, many (at this point, possibly hundreds) of which I will never see.

Me, on the left, with a tourist that was kind enough to ask to photograph me first.

It’s not really a big deal to me. Especially being a photographer. I too have taken photos of random strangers, some were on the clock.

But there was a major difference between me and many of the tourists I encounter:

I always asked permission first.

For a year, I just let it go and dismissed the photographers, and their images.

Until this past July, when I had an idea.
Photograph the photographers that don’t ask my permission.
Not as a shame tactic, but rather as a way to take back my own image.

I didn’t ask permission this time.
But neither did they.
Though I will note that I do not take the photograph of any person that tells me no or asks me not to.

It’s only been six weeks,
and I only work weekends,
but without further adieu, here’s is my latest project:

“My Preservation”

Sometimes they smile


Sometimes they turn their back



It was a tour, and they all participated
Sometimes they pretend they’re not photographing me


Sometimes they pose
Sometimes they just walk away




This project ended in December 2016.




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