A Series of Lists, motherhood

Momma’s going back to school!

It been far too long since my last post, I apologize.

In the 21 days since my last post, the following has happened. I’ll write it in the form of a list…

  1. M’s brother came to stay with us for 8 days (5, then an additional 3 after his six day camping trip).
  2. My daughter got a rash that resulted in pain for all members of this household.
  3. I got an infection that caused the skin on my hands to peel off. It sounds disgusting because it is.
  4. My daughter started gymnastics classes.
  5. Finally called the city about the mosqiuto infestation in and around our apartment. The fire department dispatcher chuckled at my complaint.
  6. I fell down a flight of stairs, (my family seriously can’t take me anywhere).
  7. And I started school on Monday!

All in all, it was an alright three weeks.

I started my journey toward becoming an early childhood educator this week, and I feel like I’m floating. Although, the workload is a bit scary. I’m still waiting for my financial aid to kick in, so I’ve been stuck paying for my books/materials out of pocket, but I’m excited to say that after four books, a binder, six notebooks, notecards and pens/writing equipment, I’m only out $80!

Here we go!


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