I love cooking and baking treats for my family & friends.
Naturally, I’ve collected several tools and utensils that have made my journey through cooking exceptionally enjoyable (and way easier!). Below, in no particular order, is a list of my top five favorite kitchen tools!

1.) Salad Spinner

Top5SaladSpinner2Top5SaladSpinnerSalad Spinner

I had never heard of a salad spinner before 2013, and now it’s one of my favorite kitchen tools!
The salad spinner (for most people) is a frivolous item. It’s just a fancy-pants strainer. But for me, it’s an essential! I HATE washing lettuce! So much, in fact, that before my salad spinner I would rather skip having salad with my dinner than wash lettuce leaves. It was laziness, really, that brought the salad spinner into my life.
But, I am eating more salad. (:

2.) KitchenAid 3-speed Immersion Blender


This KitchenAid 3-speed Immersion Blender is wonderful! It’s a three-in-one mini-food processor, blender and whisk. It’s lightweight and it compacts wonderfully when I’m not using it. It’s safe to say that this is one of my most used items. This was a Secret Santa gift from a few years back, inspired by the discovery of an out-dated, chunky, beautiful hand mixer that I used (and fell in love with) to make my pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving dinner. At least I think it is… The gifter may have also just known I love to bake!

3.) Veggie chopper


While my KitchenAid Immersion Blender is great, it’s not my go-to for chopping (especially tomatoes and onions). The blades on the food processor attachment just don’t compare to this perfectly simple tool. This chopper is fairly compact, and the design of the chopping container keeps things tidy during prep-time, making clean-ups a breeze!

4.) Mortar and Pestle


I used to love watching my mom work with her mortar and pestle. So, when it came time to start collecting my own kitchen tools, it only seemed appropriate that I include these. I bought my current set at World Market, and so far they have worked just fine. The world of spices and herbs has truly opened up to me since adding this to my collection.

5.) Cookbook


And of course, what would I do without my cookbook? Before our move, Arrow’s grandmother gifted us with the Cook’s Illustrated America’s Test Kitchen Cookbook.
Some of these recipes are way over my head, but man, when they say they have worked out every kink and tweak to each recipe, they aren’t kidding! This book is our go to for every meal. If we aren’t able to make the meal exactly to the cookbook recipe, we then use it as a basic template!

So there it is… My top five favorite kitchen tools!
(In all honesty, it wasn’t hard coming up with a list of five favorites.
The hardest part was thinning the list I did make to be just five items long!)

Not listed were my cooking knives, mixing bowls and so many other wonderfully satisfying tools. What are your kitchen essentials?



2 thoughts on “”

  1. I love your site, Riannah, and you write so well! In response to your question, I totally agree with the spinner , hand mixer, Cookbook (my go to as well) but would add my rice cooker, and lemon squeezer…which really gives me joy! hope this shows up! BTW your secret santa also cherishes his hand blender….thought of it right away when he drew your name!!


    1. ☝️👍

      Does the rice cooker help the rice cook any faster, Anie? Also, how easy is it to mess it up in one of those things? 😊😉 I’m terrible with rice, haha.

      Thank you for your kindness, I’m so glad you’re reading along 😘 (love you!!)


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