Ri: on Bow and The Anchor

Hi, I’m Ri! Welcome to my blog.

Bow and The Anchor has been a work in progress for years. Mostly because it took a while to figure out what I’d be writing about. I don’t feel like I’m a strong writer, but I have a strong desire to write, so that has to be worth some effort, right?

This blog will serve as my journal as I navigate my roles as a woman, a mother, a home maker and a yogi. Yoga is more than what we do on the mat, and for the last ten years of my personal practice, that is where I’ve put my focus, my energy. Bow and The Anchor is where I’ll write about my practice of yoga off the mat, and how that practice relates to my various roles.

*I will note here, yoga is a religious experience for me. The two are inseparable. Therefore, there will probably be a lot of spiritual and religious impression within my posts. I will probably talk about God (The Infinite, Universal Consciousness, Heavenly Father, the list goes on), a lot.

I look forward to seeing where this takes me.

Thanks for stopping by!