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Final grades were posted!

I managed to finish the quarter with over 100%... What?! That was a brutal winter session, but I came out a stronger student for it. Next quarter I'll start my first on campus course since having Arrow, a new challenge to break up the dull after two years of online courses. Wish me luck!

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How Arrow helped with our move

I gave Arrow a small list of things to work on during our move in an attempt to keep her involved in the homemaking process. Her list included: Packing her own toys Packing her own books Cleaning baseboards Dusting She did a great job for an almost-four-year-old! Granted, the packing of books and toys was… Continue reading How Arrow helped with our move

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College, Moving, Motherhood

We moved, in the middle of winter quarter. I'm still maintaining an 'A' but it hasn't been easy. My books were misplaced, my kiddo got sick and we ended up in urgent care, we had an unexpected car repair gone awry, I tried to clean our old apartment by myself and burned out. Phew! I'm… Continue reading College, Moving, Motherhood